“Exchange student and Kamishibai”

Please teach me a way to study Japanese while creating a local community by performing Kamishibai as an exchange student.


To use Kamishibai (a form of Japanese storytelling using illustrated boards) for international students to learn Japanese and build a local community, you could follow these recommended steps:

Choosing and Understanding Kamishibai: First, choose a simple Japanese Kamishibai. It is important to select one that matches your Japanese language skills. Understanding each word and phrase, as well as the cultural aspects and background information, can contribute to language acquisition.

Practicing Kamishibai: Read the script of the Kamishibai several times and practice the pronunciation and intonation. From there, understand the story and also practice the expressions and movements to portray it.

Collaborating with the Local Community: Propose Kamishibai performances at local public facilities, schools, or local events. This provides a great opportunity to build connections with the local community.

Performing Kamishibai: Perform the Kamishibai in front of local people. After the performance, you should make time for interaction with the audience. This can provide further opportunities to practice Japanese.

Reflection and Learning: After the performance, hold a reflection meeting to consider what has been improved and what needs improvement. It’s also important to learn from the reactions and questions of the audience.

This seemingly childlike activity can allow you to improve your Japanese skills and interact with local people, thereby establishing a new community. Since Kamishibai has strong visual elements, it’s an effective method to create connections with people across language barriers.